Citrix XenServer Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Citrix Server Monitoring by Goliath allows Citrix Virtual Server Administrators to proactively monitor and manage their Citrix Servers and the supporting infrastructure with one product. Our Citrix XenServer monitoring includes API integration with Citrix XenServer so it is easy to use with almost no configuration required to monitor XenServer.

We also include over 200 pre-configured monitors for the remaining environment including other virtual servers from VMware and Microsoft, physical servers, endpoints, network elements, NetScaler, and desktop virtualization solutions such as Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon.

Now you can monitor Citrix Servers and the rest of the IT infrastructure at the same time. Features include:

Hypervisor API integration for Citrix server monitoring captures key metrics about the host, virtual machines and storage agentlessly.

“Intelligent Agents” for Citrix server monitoring of virtual machines provide deep level diagnostic data from applications on the virtual machines and initiate automatic remediation actions.

End-to-End Proactive Performance Citrix Server Monitoring and Reporting: The physical infrastructure is a necessity as the performance and availability of the virtual environment is impacted by IT elements beyond the host and virtual machines.

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Overview: Citrix XenServer Monitoring

Real Time Dashboards and Historical Reports

Daily health check reports

One product for Citrix XenServer host, VM’s, applications, OS, and hardware

Automated Citrix Server monitoring & alerting on thresholds, events & faults

Citrix XenServer monitoring & issue resolution remediation sequences

Advanced troubleshooting with application > user > XenServer correlation

You can also simplify and consolidate your IT operations by utilizing other functionality within Goliath Performance Monitor, including proactive performance monitoring for application and desktop virtualization and physical infrastructure.

Available Citrix Host Metrics

Citrix XenServer CPU Utilization

Citrix XenServer Memory Utilization

Citrix XenServer Active, Granted, Overhead, Ballooned, Shared, and Swapped Memory

Citrix XenServer Storage Throughput, Latency, and IOPS

Citrix XenServer Network Throughput

Virtual Infrastructure Inventory

Product screenshot of trending citrix xenserver host disk performance

Available Citrix Virtual Machine Metrics

Citrix VM Started, Off, or Paused Status

Citrix Server CPU Utilization and Ready

Citrix Server Memory Utilization

Citrix Server Active, Granted, Overhead, Ballooned, Shared, and Swapped Memory Storage

Citrix Server Disk Throughput, Latency, and IOPS

Citrix Server Network Throughput and Utilization

Citrix XenServer VM Performance

Available Citrix Storage Monitoring Metrics


Virtual Disk Size

Snapshots, Orphaned VMs, and Wasted Space

Provisioned, Consumed, and Free Space

Goliath's Citrix XenApp Product