Showcasing End-to-End Visibility Across Cerner RHO and Health IT Infrastructure at 2019 Cerner Health Conference

“Healthcare is too important to stay the same,” said Cerner’s CEO Brent Shafer as he closed his keynote for the 2019 Cerner Conference. “To drive positive change,” Brent said, “everyone must work together.” It made sense. His audience was a mix of clinicians, staff, health IT, and vendors. He was talking about taking healthcare and patient care to a new level.

We at Goliath Technologies are partnering with Cerner to deliver end-to-end visibility across Cerner RHO and the on-premise desktop infrastructure (Citrix, VMware Horizon, IGEL) to anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent performance issues with the clinical workspace. And it isn’t just Cerner. We are also partners with Epic on their App Orchard Program and we have solutions for Allscripts and MEDITECH.

We had a lot of traffic at our exhibit at Cerner. And 90% of our visitors told us their clinicians were very unhappy about slow workspaces or EHR apps. When I asked how often it really was a Cerner issue, I was told “almost never.” Most problems are with Citrix or VMware Horizon, or buried somewhere else in the IT infrastructure. And sometimes it’s related to careless clinician behavior. They’ll have the same app open ten times, or a massive file sitting in their clipboard. And everyone got on board with this: it takes too long to troubleshoot root causes. Which leaves the door wide open for a clinician with a short fuse to get highly frustrated with IT.

The reason that Shafer’s quote resonated with me is when I talk to Health IT teams, they often don’t realize there is a better way to troubleshoot the workspace experience besides spending countless hours ruling out potential problems by trial and error. They don’t realize there is a better way to provide monitoring for their EHR applications, like Cerner, that factor in the overall digital workspace experience not just Cerner itself. Goliath is that better way and is delivering preventative care for Health IT.

I joined Goliath to create a better world for Health IT. And that’s within our grasp. Health IT should be able to proactively logon as a clinician and get their same logon and app launch experiences. You should have in one place all the data needed to identify performance issues and root causes. And you should be equipped to proactively address issues before a complaint is raised.

No dreams. This is real.

Shafer got it right. There are better ways to drive positive change, and we can make better patient care a reality if we work together. Goliath’s contribution is to focus on the problems clinical caregivers have every day, giving Health IT the tools to make them go away with ease and nip them in the bud.

I’m just getting started as recently named CMO at Goliath Technologies. There are other ways we can help our customers and partners in 2020, and we’re already on the move. And Cerner? They know it, too. They already nominated Goliath Technologies for their Cerner Innovation Partner Award 2019.

It’s a great place for all of us.