• Transform IT into proactive, strategic enabler of the business – building office of innovation.

  • Reduce operating costs and only invest in applications that are delivering quantifiable value to the business.

  • Drive innovation in IT in order to meet the needs of the business and adapt to the changing workstyles of the workforce (remote workers, BYOD, new security challenges, etc.).


  • Struggles to plan and executive larger, strategic projects as too much of the IT team is stuck in mundane, manual tasks.

  • Pressure from the business to deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and with a high quality is high and perception is IT often is missing the mark as too many end-user complaints.

  • Challenged to retain and hire quality talent.

  • In healthcare, spending more time with clinical staff who are continually raising complaints and issues from clinicians as perception is the end-user experience with EHR systems and/or Citrix/VMware Horizon is slow.

How Goliath Resolves Pains

  • Historical reports and analytics to provide critical insights into the end-user experience and trends over time. Fosters data driven conversations with other business leaders around reality of performance vs. perception.

  • By leveraging purpose-built technology, with embedded intelligence and automation, for troubleshooting end-user experience issues can save on headcount.

  • Ability to positively impact Epic Honor Roll status by lowering exception rates related to end-user performance issues.

Value Delivered with Goliath

  • Capture full ROI expected from strategic projects and investments and satisfy the business leads.

  • Leverage technology that automates processes vs. investing in a more expensive FTE.