System Admins
(Citrix and VMware Horizon)


Deploy, manage, and support virtual desktop and/or application infrastructure (Citrix, VMware Horizon).

Respond to end-user complaints around poor performance (slow logon initiation, duration, and/or session performance).

Troubleshoot end user experience issues and identify root cause to resolve.

Reporting why issues happened to counterparts and management.

Desire to be proactive.


No structured approach or tool set to isolate root cause of end-user performance issues which makes it time consuming and too long of response time to respond to end-user complaints.

Spends more time putting out fires of end-user complaints than working on projects.

End-user complaints continually stalling or delaying critical infrastructure projects (migrations, upgrades, performance initiatives, new technology deployments).

In healthcare, often get escalations late as first routed to the EHR team incorrectly and end-users are frustrated about length of time to resolve an issue when the admin is only seeing it for the first time.

No way of proving and documenting where an issue came from so it can be resolved when communicating with counterparts, IT management, vendors or other stake holders.

Defending their platform as not being the root cause of the issue whether it is an application or platform like Citrix or VMware horizon.

How Goliath Resolves Pains

Purpose-built troubleshooting technology with embedded intelligence and automation that offers deep broad metrics to isolate root cause of end-user performance issues. Deep visibility into key performance statistics around logon duration, ICA/HDX and/or PCOIP/BLAST latency, session bandwidth, application usage, and more.

Automatic Citrix Discovery and Dependency Map intelligently shows dependency map of entire Citrix/VMware Horizon infrastructure for end-to-end visibility and quick troubleshooting of the entire farm.

Early warning system that proactively alerts admins around performance issues by automatically monitoring over 250 thresholds, conditions or potential failure points.

Historical reports and analytics to provide critical insights into the end-user experience and trends over time. They foster data-driven conversations with other vendors, IT management teams, management, and end users.

Self-healing capabilities to automatically remediate issues based on specific conditions (restart servers, applications, processes, etc.).

In healthcare purpose-built modules for troubleshooting and alerting on EHR system performance along with the delivery infrastructure and end-user experience.

Value Delivered with Goliath

Proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent.

Avoid end-user tickets.

Technology serves as full-time troubleshooting expert working 24/7/365.

Transform IT from reactive to proactive.

Faster response to end-user tickets about slow session or logon performance.

Foster data driven conversations with other IT groups, other vendors, management, and end users.