Goliath Technologies Partners with Crossings Healthcare Solutions


Goliath Technologies and Crossings Healthcare announce a new product partnership to bring Goliath’s End User Experience Monitoring and Management Module to Cerner customers.


Philadelphia, PA–July 26, 2016 – Goliath Technologies and Crossings Healthcare Solutions are pleased to announce a new partnership that enables Crossings Healthcare Solutions to resell Goliath’s End User Experience Monitoring & Management Module for Cerner.

Goliath Technologies’ End User Experience Monitoring and Management Module for Cerner is Healthcare IT’s only EMR/EHR performance monitoring software.  The End User Experience Module provides a complete end-to-end view from the hospital to the Cerner Data Center in Kansas City, Missouri. See a webinar demonstrating the technology live from the UHS Data Center on Thursday, August 4, 2016.

Goliath’s End User Experience Module for Cerner is unique in that it is deployed both in the Cerner Data Center and on-premises. This enables Healthcare IT professionals at their hospital location to get better than real-time performance metrics on Citrix, end user experience, and application logon times. Administrators also have the ability to review comprehensive historical data via reporting and analysis capabilities available out of the box. The visibility afforded by the End User Experience Module provides a complete picture on the entire end user experience from logon initiation through their use of the Cerner Application.

“We are very pleased that Crossings Healthcare Solutions, a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, has decided to resell our End User Experience Monitoring and Management Module for Cerner. They have been a valuable partner as we developed the technology, and we look forward to working with them as we take the product to market,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies.

Goliath’s End User Experience Monitoring and Management Module for Cerner allows systems administrators at the hospital location to get advanced warning of potential end user experience issues and, if they do occur, provide reports and analytics that deliver objective evidence of the root cause. The data generated by the End User Experience Module provides hospitals the information required for collaboration with Cerner to permanently resolve the toughest challenges.

Goliath’s Logon Simulator for Cerner, which compliments Goliath’s End User Experience for Cerner Module, is configured in minutes from any hospital location, and it has application assurance logons to Cerner that run behind the scenes 24/7 at the hospital location. The technology will send alerts in the event that logon failure or slowness occurs, allowing for the identification of issues before they are noticed by the end user community. This is better than real time!

You can see product screenshots and get a 30-day free trial or demo of the new End User Experience Monitoring & Management Module for Cerner and the Logon Simulator for Cerner.

About Crossings Healthcare Solutions

Crossings Healthcare Solutions was established in 2014 to provide custom clinical decision support software that enhances the Cerner Millennium System. Our award-winning MPages and Advisors solutions have been installed at 25 hospitals in six states, including California, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and South Carolina, as well as Washington D.C. These solutions are seamlessly integrated into clinical workflow to enhance usability, efficiency and communication. Crossings Healthcare Solutions is a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc., a Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

About Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT operations software to address the challenges associated with managing a hybrid IT infrastructure. Organizations of all sizes are moving to the Cloud in some form and our products are purpose built to assist in that transition because IT can manage applications, infrastructure and users regardless of where they are located. Customers use our products to monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and report so performance issues can be resolved before end users are impacted. Because, IT infrastructure is moving. IT accountability is not. Customers include Walmart, Bank of America, Facebook, UHS, the VA, ADP, Verizon Wireless, and Office Depot.

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