Microsoft Azure Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Goliath’s Microsoft Azure Performance Monitoring and Azure Reporting tools are purpose-built for IT Organizations that currently have or are in the process of moving applications, workloads, and infrastructure to the Azure cloud. Goliath can monitor, alert, troubleshoot and resolve performance issues regardless of whether the applications or infrastructure are on-premises or in Microsoft Azure. Azure Monitoring and Azure Reporting are critical to a comprehensive Azure strategy.

Goliath for Azure Monitoring Includes:

  Azure Monitoring & Reporting

Azure Troubleshooting

 Azure Availability

IT Infrastructure is Moving. IT Accountability is Not.

Small Business’, Enterprises and Service Providers leverage Goliath for:


  Unlimited Syslog data retention for troubleshooting and analysis

 Unlimited Event Log data retention for troubleshooting and analysis

 Azure monitoring and alerting

 Azure troubleshooting of performance or end user experience issues

 Azure avaiability to ensure Azure hosted applications are available

 Azure reporting on key performance metrics

Refer to the product screenshots below to get a visual understanding of our AWS Monitoring & Troubleshooting capabilities: