Join Us on Tuesday, December 5th @ 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

During this free webinar, a Citrix Virtualization Expert will lead a discussion about incorporating Citrix and the supporting infrastructure into a single console for end-to-end visibility.

During the presentation, you will learn about how this single view for Citrix Monitoring gives administrators the ability to monitor, manage and troubleshoot issues with Citrix whether the root cause is the Citrix infrastructure or the supporting IT elements.

Some of the high-level topics include:

  • Graphically track Citrix End User Experience and Resource Consumption at each level including Citrix Infrastructure, Delivery Group, Machine Catalog, Cluster, and Host level to isolate fault domain.
  • Automatic mapping of your Citrix environment to quickly show fault domains through visibility to relationships between infrastructure, resources, and users.
  • Drilldown between layers of your Citrix infrastructure to identify root cause with Real-Time alerting to identify components impacted faults, resource availability, and Citrix end user experience issues.

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