Goliath Technologies Makes Troubleshooting the End-User Experience Faster and Easier with Latest Release

IT Pros can proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent Citrix or VMware Horizon performance issues with Goliath.

Goliath Technologies announces the latest release of its industry-leading technology with enhanced embedded intelligence and automation, raising the bar for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop or VMware Horizon end user performance monitoring and troubleshooting, whether on-premises or in the cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure). With Goliath’s unified view of end-user experience data across any hybrid landscape, IT is positioned to proactively ensure a great end-user experience regardless of where end users or workloads are located.

Goliath’s team is passionate about helping IT professionals reduce the professional pain associated with managing hybrid IT environments along with end-user performance expectations. Goliath enables organizations to successfully launch new initiatives like remote worker programs, BYOD, and moves to the cloud by ensuring the end-user experience is seamless and uninterrupted regardless of device, location, or individual behavior.  By leveraging Goliath, organizations can anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent performance issues such as: poor session performance, application crashes, and slow logons.

Effective Monitoring Requires Intelligent Troubleshooting

When it comes to troubleshooting, traditional monitoring tools do not meet the needs of IT teams managing virtualized environments. They may alert them that an issue exists, but given the complexity of the infrastructure for delivering virtualized applications and desktops (whether from Citrix or VMware Horizon) – with numerous layers and from different vendors – they lack the visibility required to isolate the root cause.  Goliath is the only solution that provides end-to-end visibility into the “where” or “why” of the issue to quickly troubleshoot and find permanent resolutions.

No other monitoring tool is correlating data across all IT elements from early stages of logon, app availability testing, backend systems (Active Directory, Profile Servers, Licensing Servers), virtual servers, user devices, printers, or physical storage to isolate root cause when end-user performance issues arise. This complexity is compounded in health IT when EHR applications (Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, Allscripts) are added into the infrastructure, which makes it near impossible to use any built-in or traditional monitoring tools to troubleshoot end-user performance complaints.

The final challenge is the human element – end-user behavior. Few monitoring tools can provide empirical evidence into how end-user behavior is impacting the overall user experience within a Citrix or VMware Horizon environment. Goliath’s unmatched historical reports and analytics arm IT professionals with the answers to quickly troubleshoot issues, have data-driven conversations with end users, and establish credibility.

Answering the Market Need for Purpose-built Troubleshooting Tools

To continue to address the gap in the market for purpose-built, intelligent, and automated troubleshooting tools for virtualized applications and desktops, Goliath has enhanced its current platform with its latest release of Goliath Performance Monitor 11.8.1. This comes quickly on the heels of Goliath’s last major release, which introduced new enhancements augmenting their embedded intelligence and automation, deep and broad metrics, and historical reports.

With the latest update, Goliath has focused on optimizing speed and ease of troubleshooting for IT professionals managing and supporting virtualized desktops and applications across hybrid IT environments.

The Standard in Health IT

Goliath continues to augment its industry-only core capabilities within its EHR modules, which integrate performance metrics from all the major EHR applications (Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH), the Citrix or VMware Horizon delivery infrastructure, and end-user behavior insights all into a single screen for more effective monitoring and troubleshooting.

“The screens in Goliath’s latest release are more intuitive and easier to navigate. During the beta phase, Goliath took a lot of our suggestions and implemented them,” said Jason Wasserberg, Network Administrator, Hartung Brothers.

“Our latest release is a composite of customer feedback and our own observations on offering the right tools and automation to simplify troubleshooting for IT professionals within their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop or VMware Horizon environments. New enhancements enable administrators to even more quickly narrow down and find a specific user session in order to confirm a performance issue exists and isolate the exact root cause. We have integrated years of experience to both streamline the troubleshooting experience, as well as add automation and intelligence to better anticipate issues before they arise, alleviating end-user performance issues altogether,” shared Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies.

Goliath Technologies’ latest product release provides the following key enhancements to increase the speed and ease of troubleshooting the end-user experience:

  • Faster setup and installation
  • Overall performance enhancements loading data and views up to 10x faster within Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop and VMware Horizon views
  • Context-sensitive help and self-guided troubleshooting workflows
  • Enhanced monitoring rule page enabling administrators to quickly identify and sort by type of notification activated
  • New exportable view to local machine for Citrix or VMware Horizon session details
  • Extended ability to customize and configure email notifications for multiple monitoring rules at once

The new Goliath Technologies release is available today, February 20, 2020, and can be downloaded by customers here.