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5 Layers of Visibility for the VMware vSphere Stack

The ability to identify the root cause of VMware vSphere performance issues, and resolve them proactively depends on one crucial element – complete visibility into the 5 layers of the virtual stack:

  • Host
  • Virtual Machine
  • Application
  • Operating System
  • Hardware

Goliath Performance Monitor for VMware delivers complete visibility into the Application and OS layers, which is something that vRealize Operations and other VMware monitoring solutions cannot do.

This level of detail is available with either Citrix or VMware Horizon, offering unprecedented monitoring and troubleshooting visibility. Moreover, the embedded intelligence and automation in the product allows out-of-the-box monitoring rules and automated remediation of issues before your end users are impacted.

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  • Five Layers of Visibility – Hardware, OS and Applications, Virtual Machines, and Host
  • Quickly Correlate CPU, storage and Network Bottlenecks at a Glance
  • Correlate CPU and Memory Utilization
  • Breakdown of Storage Utilization
  • Real-Time Disk Performance Trends for Hosts and VMs
  • Real-Time Heat Map
  • Threshold-Based Alerting
  • Eliminate Alert Storms

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