Goliath’s End-User Productivity Report

Visibility into Citrix Activity

The surge of remote working has increased the demand for visibility into how employees are working while at home and if they have access to the right applications to be productive. Many IT Pros are looking for ways to track Citrix activity and overall performance.

Goliath offers an End-User Productivity Reports that track exactly how many hours an end-user was interacting within their Citrix session and how much time they were inactive (i.e. not working). The report can be scheduled to run or executed on-demand and can be emailed, exported (PDF, CSV), or viewed directly within the Goliath interface.

Goliath's End-User Productivity Report identifies how much time an end-user is active within their Citrix session.

Key Metrics in the End-User Productivity Report for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 

  • Client IP – Displays the client device IP address.
  • Connected via – Identifies how user is connecting (Netscaler or Storefront IP).
  • Duration – Total time a session was open within Citrix.
  • Interaction – Total time a user was interacting with the system (i.e. typing, moving a mouse).
  • Inactivity – Total time a user was inactive and NOT interacting with the system (i.e. typing, moving a mouse).
  • % Interaction – Percentage of the duration time that the user was interacting within the system.
  • Max Inactivity – Identifies longest period of time user was inactive in the system.
  • Application Lists – Shows published applications used.

Goliath offers dozens of out-of-the box reports to help IT professionals and management gain better visibility around the end-user experience and other key performance indicators.

Below shows the same report, but available for Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop).

Goliath's End-User Productivity Report is available for both Citrix XenDestkop and XenApp.

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