Troubleshoot Performance Issues – Find Root Cause – Remediate
Improve End User Experience for Physicians & Healthcare Workers
from Logon Initiation to Session Launch

Goliath Technologies enables you to proactively troubleshoot and fix end user performance issues and provide uninterrupted access to all major EMR/EHR and business critical applications.

Goliath Technologies’ healthcare IT software gives you the ability to reduce ongoing performance and end user experience issues that cause physicians and healthcare workers problems using their EMR/EHR and business applications.

The Right Prescription to Ensure a Positive EMR/EHR End User Experience

Goliath’s proactive EMR/EHR application performance monitoring modules are Healthcare ITs only end-to-end technology that brings all performance and end user metrics into a single console, from the end point to the Citrix delivery infrastructure, to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues and remediate before physicians and healthcare workers fail to access their EMR/EHR or business applications. 

Find descriptions of specific application modules on the following pages:

Allscripts Cerner McKesson

MEDITECH T-System Epic Systems

“Dropped Support Tickets by 25%”

Chad Brisendine - VP/CIO at St. Luke’s University Health Network“Our users were complaining about persistent Citrix slowness. Goliath quickly identified the root cause of several issues and suggested remediation actions. Once we implemented them our support tickets dropped by 25% in one week.” Chad Brisendine, VP/CIO of St. Luke’s University Health Network

“Reduced Printer Failures by 90% with Goliath Performance Monitor for MEDITECH”

“Troubleshooting MEDITECH and XenApp 6.5 was challenging before we had Goliath. Now we can identify the ‘who, what and where’ of performance issues. We use the data in the product to open up support tasks with MEDITECH and they in turn work with support staff to determine root cause. By using Goliath, we reduced printer failures from 100 per day to under 10 in our Citrix-MEDITECH environment.” – Derek Seiber, Sysadmin at Memorial Health System

You can read Memorial Health System’s full use case: How a Healthcare IT Team Reduced Printer Failures by 90% in their Citrix-MEDITECH Environment

Have Questions or Need Help with EMR/EHR & Citrix Performance Issues?

Goliath’s Tech Team is here to answer your questions and help you work through troubleshooting and fixing EMR/EHR and Citrix performance issues. Please reach out today!


How Goliath’s mix of price, functionality, and ease of use helps overcome the unique challenges facing Healthcare IT

The HITECH ACT, part of the overall American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, offers healthcare providers and Hospital Systems incentives to adopt EHR applications and demonstrate meaningful use. Meaningful use requires, in part, applications to be deployed and utilized. The adoption of electronic medical records sets expectations of greater administrative and clinical efficiencies that may not be realized without appropriate support and management tools. Goliath Technologies offers products to help ease adoption by mitigating, through proactive management, many of the infrastructure elements related to deployment and ongoing management issues that can cause a healthcare professional difficulty when using the EHR application. When usability issues arise, deployment slows and meaningful use objectives become more difficult to achieve.

The Goliath Difference for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers and their IT Departments face one or more of the following challenges when deploying and managing EHR/EMR applications:

  • Downward Pressure On Reimbursements
  • High Fixed Costs
  • Increasing Reliance on IT Systems and Applications
  • Tight IT Tools Budgets
  • Limited IT Staff
  • Legacy Infrastructure
  • New Applications and Delivery Systems

Goliath’s solutions help overcome these challenges in the following ways:

  • Low Initial and Ongoing Cost
  • Purpose Built to Support VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Hyper-V,  and Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop
  • Interoperate with Existing Legacy Infrastructure
  • Out-of-the-Box Functionality for VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Hyper-V, and Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop
  • Designed for out-of-the-box deployment so there’s little need for consultants and no need for a FTE to manage
  • Broad Functionality for Consolidation and Simplification of Management Tools
  • Supports Healthcare Applications – Epic, Allscripts, MEDITECH, Cerner, McKesson, Siemens, T-System, and GE

All EHR/EMR Applications & IT Infrastructure – One Console

Healthcare EMR Application Performance Monitoring for Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, Allscripts and more
Optimize Performance, Eliminate Downtime, and Stop End User Alerts

Common sounds of pain from Healthcare IT:

  • “Our application image is HUGE and keeps crashing server resources without warning.”
  • “Users are telling us that Epic is taking forever to input chart information. Is it the network, infrastructure, or Epic itself?”
  • “The CPOE system was working fine this morning now doctors and nurses are having issues. Is it the application? The network?”
  • “AIM is running so slow it is causing finance to push work to Excel documents. We know money is being lost through the claims reconciliation process because the application isn’t performing.”

How Goliath provides pain relief:

Goliath’s Proactive IT Operations software helps provide pain relief to Healthcare IT by providing a single console that brings together EHR/EMR application performance metrics and those elements of the infrastructure—VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Hyper-V, Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, and legacy infrastructure—that can impact end user experience. This broad visibility coupled with our Proactive functionality allows Healthcare IT to get ahead of complaints related to Healthcare and Business applications.

EHR/EMR Application Modules

McKesson Performance Monitoring Module

For more information about Goliath’s McKesson Performance Monitoring Module, visit our McKesson Page.

Dashboards and Reports
View a sample of the dashboards and reports delivered by Goliath’s McKesson Performance Monitoring Module.

McKesson Data Sheet
Take a more technical look at Goliath’s McKesson Performance Monitoring Module in this Data Sheet.

MEDITECH Performance Monitoring Module

For more information about Goliath’s MEDITECH Performance Monitoring Module, visit our MEDITECH Page.

Dashboards and Reports
View a sample of the dashboards and reports delivered by Goliath’s MEDITECH Performance Monitoring Module.

Take a more technical look at Goliath’s MEDITECH Performance Monitoring Module in this Data Sheet.

Allscripts Performance Monitoring Module

For more information about Goliath’s Allscripts Performance Monitoring Module, visit our Allscripts Page.

Allscripts Data Sheet
Take a more technical look at Goliath’s Allscripts Performance Monitoring Module in this Data Sheet.


Cerner Performance Monitoring Module

For more information about Goliath’s Cerner Performance Monitoring Module, visit our Cerner Page

Epic Performance Monitoring Module

For more information about Goliath’s Epic Performance Monitoring Module, visit our Epic Page

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