Now Use Your NetScaler for Troubleshooting by adding Unlimited Reports, Real Time Alerts & Performance Trending

Gain Full Visibility into Your Environment to Troubleshoot & Resolve End User Experience Issues in Real Time

Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler is software that translates AppFlow data into real-time performance dashboards, unlimited time frame reports, and threshold-based alerts so you can proactively troubleshoot issues and live-share performance data with your team to rapidly deploy remediation actions. 

Insight Center is a Utility. Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler is a Product.

Insight Center has limitations. With Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler you can:

  • Use Threshold-based Alerting to Anticipate Performance Issues
  • Isolate Root Cause and Troubleshoot Performance Issues
  • Generate Historical Reports without Limitation
  • Scale well beyond Insight Center to 18,000+ transactions/sec

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What a Citrix Certified Administrator NetScaler Says about Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler

marius-sandbu-goliath-technologies“Now the use of Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler just makes sense if you are using NetScaler and want to benefit from real time alerts and no limitation on time frame for reporting.” Marius Sandbu, Citrix Certified Administrator NetScaler & Sr. Systems Engineer

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