Early Warning of Logon Slowness or Logon Failure, Directly from the Goliath User – Not Your End User

In Less Than 2 Minutes, See How the Application Availability Monitor Works:

Now, the IT team receives an advance warning if business critical applications or Citrix will not launch before employees log in for the day. The advance warning, via real-time alerts, gives the IT team peace of mind because they know the early warning system will give them time to troubleshoot and resolve the issue before users are impacted.

“We are pleased to have Goliath Technologies join us in the Citrix Ready program… Citrix Ready makes it easier for customers to select the most suitable virtualization infrastructure products for their specific needs. By taking part in our program, Goliath Technologies has enabled its customers to obtain the highest quality user experience available today, and the simplest means for making an informed product purchasing selection.” – John Panagulias, Director, Citrix Ready

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techinfo@goliathtechnologies.com  |  (855) 465-4284

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