Windows OS Tablet Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting2020-10-05T12:48:36-04:00

Windows OS Tablet Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Goliath Windows OS Tablet Performance Monitoring provides visibility into Windows OS Tablet Performance & end user experience while filling performance monitoring gaps in current mobile device management solutions.

Goliath Windows OS Tablet Performance Monitoring is software that gives you proactive insight into key metrics and conditions that can cause inconsistent performance and negatively impact the Windows OS tablet end user experience.

With Goliath, you can now monitor the performance of all major Windows OS tablets to proactively troubleshoot network issues, application specific problems, battery sustainability and other performance issues that can slow end user adoption or reduce end user satisfaction.

By providing insight into tablet performance, administrators have the ability to address scenarios for troubleshooting and supporting end user adoption. In general, these scenarios include troubleshooting network issues causing inconsistent tablet performance, identifying application specific problems, concerns over battery sustainability, and preventing problems that could impact end user adoption:

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With Goliath for Windows OS Tablets you can monitor, alert and report on the following:

  • Network/Wireless Controller Usage: Packet Drops, Retransmits & Wireless Card

  • Battery: Capacity, Charge & Discharge Rate, & Battery Sustainability

  • Device and System Performance: Resource Utilization, Application CPU & Memory

  • Battery Status: Remaining Battery Capacity & Battery Drain

  • Application Status: Application Hangs/Crashes & Apps Leaking Resources

  • Power Errors: Sudden Tablet Shutdowns, Screen locks, Restarts, & Hibernation

  • Network/Wireless Connection: Network Behavior, Wireless Card Performance, Bandwidth, Data Transfer Rate & Link Speed