Law Firms Use Goliath to Reduce End User Experience Issues2019-05-13T18:17:54-04:00

How Law Firms Reduce End User Experience Issues

IT administrators at law firms overwhelmingly select Goliath Technologies to help them keep their end users satisfied with application access and performance. Every day, attorneys are attempting to access applications from all over the world while using a variety of methods to connect to the internet. Some are connecting from the courtroom, a remote office, in their home, at a hotel, and even from an airplane or train while in transit. This means that connection quality is highly variable at all times, and without visibility into connection and latency issues, the occurrence of performance issues can be random, persistent and very costly.

Goliath provides granular visibility into the elements that can cause end user experience issues, which allows IT admins to determine root cause and obtain the actionable intelligence to resolve the issues without escalation. We also have the flexibility to scale to some of the largest IT Infrastructures in the world, while having an ease of use and price profile that satisfies the needs of small to medium-sized law firms alike.

Get full visibility and troubleshooting no matter what your environment looks like:

Citrix: XenApp | XenDesktop | XenServer

Cloud: AWS | Azure | Citrix Cloud | DaaS

Healthcare: Cerner | Epic | MEDITECH | Allscripts

Infrastructure: Nvidia GPU | Physical | Syslog | Network Devices

Microsoft: Hyper-V | Windows Tablet | Event Log Management

VMware: Horizon | vSphere